Rathna Ella Waterfall in Beautiful Hasalaka Village

Rathna Ella is one of the famous waterfalls in the Sri Lankan waterfall directory. It is considered the 9th-highest waterfall on the island, at 111 m. This fall is situated in the Minipe Divisional Secretariat area in the Kandy district. Hasalaka is the nearest town to the waterfall.


How do I get there?

The waterfall is approximately 72 kilometers from Kandy. It takes 2.5 hours to reach; however, the distance from Colombo is about 189 kilometers. That takes nearly 6 hours to reach the destination. If you travel from Ampara, Badulla, Monaragala, Polonnaruwa, or any other eastern part of the country, you can simply first reach Mahiyangana town, and then you can end up in Rathna Ella very easily with a 10 km distance. Buses to Hasalaka town are available from Kandy and Mahiyangana.

You need to turn your vehicle onto the Eldamporuwa route within Hasalaka Town. You will need to park your vehicle after a few meters. From the park, you have to trek to the forest.


Rathna Ella Village and Surrounding Beauty

The trek to the forest consists of a clear footpath with some narrow areas. The surrounding village is also called “Rathna Ella Village.” Most of the people have paddy cultivation as their occupation. During the trek, you will see wild animals, small canals, paddy fields, and narrow bridges. It is somewhat tired. ideal for nature lovers. But you will forget all the difficulties after reaching the destination.

There are some signboards in the above-mentioned park, and it’s not difficult to find the trek to the waterfall. If you feel any difficulty, you can get support from village people. During the trek, you will meet another small waterfall called “Kaluwa Watunu Ella.” It stands about 15 meters tall and is very attractive. 



Beautiful Rathna Ella Waterfall

Rathna Ella is formed by Hasalaka Oya. It is then joined to the Mahaveli River. The waterfall is absolutely beautiful and attractive. It is fairly wider than other waterfalls in the country. You can reach it near the waterfall. But don’t try to bathe in the pool. It is extremely dangerous.

However, the surrounding rocky area near the pool is great for capturing some photographs. You can wait there and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. Some people try to reach the upper part of the fall. But it’s another dangerous activity that you should not try. Rainy periods add additional beauty to the waterfall because of the large amount of water. But don’t try this destination in the rainy season.


Final Words

Rathna Ella is a nice place to travel with your friends and family. But don’t pollute the water of Hasalaka Oya because people use it for drinking and other cultivation activities. If you bring polythene, plastics, or any other garbage, please bring them back. As well, don’t disturb the wild animals during your trek to the waterfall.

The ideal time period to travel here is from February to May. Please bring leech protection on rainy days. You can bathe safely in the downed parts of the waterfall. But don’t try to bathe near the falls.


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(Cover Image Source: TripRadar Sri Lanka)




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