Rangala Natural Pool is an Ideal Place for Photography

Rangala natural pool is one of the most interesting place among local travelers in Sri Lanka. It is located in Kandy district of Central Province. This was widely popular after the 2017. Some Facebook pages have shared some beautiful photos of this natural pool and which were hugely attracted people on this. However, This was a hiding location a few years ago. But nowadays, many travelers’ visits here due to many reasons.



Rangala natural pool is located about 42 km away from Kandy city and 23 km away from Teldeniya town. Distance from Colombo to here is about 160 km. There are two major routes to reach this pool from Kandy. The most popular route is via Teldeniya. It is the easiest way and recommended one. Another route is via Panvila and Bambarella. It is a tiny difficult road and which is rarely used by few travelers.

Some hikers stop near this pool when they are going to Knuckles five peaks and other places in the Knuckles mountain range. The Rangala Natural pool is actually located in the Knuckles mountain range. This is originated by Kota Ganga in the elevation of about 800 m. There is a bridge through the kotaganga and the pool is below the bridge. Locals also called this pool as ‘Galbadawaththa pool’. Galabadawaththa is a small village next to the pool and that’s why they call like that. Many of the others call this pool as ‘Rangala Pool’. But it is located far away from Rangala area.

You can see a lot of tea estates near the pool. It’s actually less populated area with the majority of Tamil people. There is a small tea shop near the pool with some local foods.


Facts About Rangala Natural Pool

Rangala natural pool is not a huge bathing area.  You don’t need to buy ticket to enter the pool. It’s a bit of small and extremely danger to bathe. Its crystal clean water attract any visitor to the pool. Once you can walk along the pool from the part of the bridge, you will find a sudden deep in the middle part. This has caused huge troubles for people who can’t swim. There is another part comprise black water. Many believe it’s the deepest place in the pool with 30 feet. So, these evidences that this is not an ideal place for a swim or bath. There have recorded few deaths with this place. People swim here without knowing its danger and then face troubles. However, there are so many bathing places above and below the pool. You can bet safely from them.

Rangala Natural Pool is actually ideal for Photography. You can take nice photos with the pool. But you must remember to don’t touch to it. There also has a board near the bridge that telling people to don’t bath here.

Knuckles Five Peaks is a popular hiking destination that is located near this pool. You can start the hike from either Thangappuwa or Gomare. So, If you plan to travel to Knuckles or any other place near Teldeniya, don’t forget to come to this place and enjoy its natural beauty.


(Cover Image Credit: Lens Photography)

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