Pettigala Mountain Top View and a Dog came along with the traveler.

Pettigala has been a widely popular place in recent years. We saw that many travel lovers had visited this place and shared some amazing photos on their social media channels. It’s not only a travel destination; it’s also important as a religious and historical place. This little mountain is situated in the Kandy district of Sri Lanka. Due to its nice panoramic view, many travelers come here to experience that.


Pettigala and Bambaragala Raja Maha Viharaya are 20 kilometers from Kandy City. It’s a single little mountain with an elevation of 760 m. The Bambaragala Temple is located at the bottom of the mountain, and the large stone at the top is known as “Pettigala.” Before reaching this place, you should first come to Digana town on the A26 road. The distance to Digana from Kandy is about 15 kilometers.

There are so many public transport buses available from Kandy to Digana town. You can catch a bus every 10 minutes from the Kandy Clock Tower. It takes 40 minutes to get to Digana. After that, you have to hire a “tuk” to reach the Bambaragala Raja Maha Viharaya. It is 5 km away from Digana and will take 15 minutes to reach. There are parking facilities available for private vehicles as well.

Bambaragala Raja Maha Viharaya

Bambaragala Temple, or as the locals call it, “Bambaragala Raja Maha Viharaya,” is a historically valuable place in Sri Lanka. Some sources say that this temple and the surrounding area contain 79 ancient caves. These caves were made by ancient monks in the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.C. “Indrasala Guhava” and “Sithuwam Lena” are some popular caves that you will meet when you are trekking to Pettigala Mountain. According to some locals, Lord Buddha visited and rested in the Indrasala Guhava. But there is no written evidence about the tail. Sithuvam Lena is a nice place that contains some ancient paintings.

When you start to walk to the Pettigala, you will first enter the Bambaragala New Temple. After that, you’ll arrive at the Bambaragala Old Temple. The old temple contains some beautiful paintings of old buildings. These paintings were made by King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe in the 18th century. Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe ruled the Kandyan Kingdom and helped this temple develop. Due to their historical value, you are not allowed to take any photos of ancient paintings.

Hike to Pettigala

The hike will start from Bambaragala Old Temple. First, you will enter a forest area. It has a nice footpath with rocky outcrops. It is easy to find directions, and this is not a hard hike. moderately difficult, and you will feel less tired. There are some viewpoints in a few places, and it’s awesome to take a rest with drinks. On rainy days, don’t forget to wear leach protection.

During the hike, you will find the above-mentioned Indrasala Guhava and Sithuvam Lena. The latter part of the hike is a little harder to climb and will feel rewarding after you reach the top of the mountain. It will take one hour to complete the whole hike. You can view a 360-degree view at the top of the mountain, and that picture will definitely amaze you. Pettigala is a big stone at the top of the mountain, and you have to walk a few meters to reach it.

Panoramic View

Due to its uniqueness, anybody can see a panoramic view from the top of the Pettigala. The Victoria Reservoir is at the bottom of the mountain. There are some beautiful photos of the Victoria Reservior scattered along the Mahaweli River. During the dry season, the old Teldeniya Town can be seen after water loss in the Victoria Reservior. The Teldeniya old town was fully covered by the Victoria reservoir in 1985. But then the town was moved to a new location.

Other than that, the Knuckles Mountain range and its peaks can be easily visible. You can see a large area of the famous Knuckle Range from here. Alagalla, Hunnasgiriya, Medamahanuwara, Knuckles Five PeaksGombaniya, and Yakunge Hela are the same peaks that can be easily identified. Narampanawa, Rangala, Thangappuwa, Bambarella, Senarathwela, Rajawella, and Wegala are some of the villages around the Pettigala mountain.

You can see another amazing view from the top with the evening sunset. It’s the ideal time to take photos. Any traveler will love to take photos around the top. There is some space available to walk around the top part of the mountain.

Pettigala Guide

If you are seeking tour guide support for this trip, the Zen Adventures team is waiting to help you. They can be contacted at the mobile numbers below.

071 0857333 – Kalana

Other important facts to note before hiking Pettigala

Pettigala is not only a travel destination. So, you should remember it as a religious and historical place. Travelers should not bring liquor and other drugs to this area. It’s important to follow religious ethics when entering the Bambaragala Temple. As well, you should not bring polyethylene and other plastics and throw them around the forest. Always keep the place clean. Finally, we request that you bring enough water because there is no water source at the top of Pettigala Mountain. 

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