Panadura Beach

Panadura Beach is one of the most beautiful and amazing beaches that you can visit in Sri Lanka. It’s actually a nice and calm place to spend time with your family, as you can enjoy yourself at your best at the beach, which spreads over a wide area of land. This is also an ideal place for a quick day trip with your friends and to have some fun. Panadura Beach has become a well-known beach destination among the locals as well as tourists visiting Sri Lanka from around the globe. So this is an ideal place for anyone who is hoping to get some relaxation after a tiresome day.


Panadura Beach is located close to Panadura Town, and it’s walking distance from the Panadura bus stand. From the Panadura estuary, its northern limit to its southern limit, marked by a branch of the Bolgoda river, it spreads up to a 4 kilometer distance.


From Colombo to Panadura

By train: If you’re hoping to travel by train, you can get a train from Colombo Fort station, get down from Panadura railway station, and take a tuk tuk to Panadura Beach.

By car, it will take about one hour and 30 minutes to get to Panadura Beach, and if you’re on Galle Road, the beach is just a few minutes walk down the lane.


There are several beaches around Kalutara, and I highly recommend them for their serene and tranquil atmosphere. Panadura Beach is a totally mesmerizing area with long white beaches of golden sands and blue waters. Once you get there, if you walk along the beach towards the north, you will find the estuary of the Bolgoda River. I recommend you visit the beach during the morning or evening, as this is an excellent location to watch the sunset and sunrise.

The scenic breakwater/Quartz Bunt

This is one of the most eye-catching breakwaters that you can find in Sri Lanka. It is located on the side of the beach. And is constructed in order to lower the strength of the sea waves. This is located at the point where the Bolgoda River meets the sea. You can walk along the trail and have a wonderful week and experience there. Vehicles can also travel to a certain extent, but not to the very edge of the bunt.

But keep in mind to be careful when walking on it, as it is rocky and the sea waves hit harder on the edges. Even though it is a bit riskier to walk to the edge, it’s worth a try if you love adventure. You can get an unforgettable  experience  there due to the lovely view. At the very end of the breakwater, you can see a small light tower built for fishermen to easily locate at night.


You can engage in various activities while you are at the beach.


  • Swimming

The beach provides a perfect environment for anyone to have a refreshing bath in the sea, and you can be assured of your safety as there’s a vigilant lifeguard present to ensure your safety all the time. I highly recommend this feature as an excellent spot for swimming. But sometimes the sea can be too rough for swimming, so please make sure to swim in the designated places that are considered safe by lifeguards.


  • Jet skiing

Panadura Beach is also quite famous for jet skiing. You can definitely have fun and collect beautiful memories there.


  • Windsurfing

A lot of people enjoy windsurfing as well. so you can definitely have a good time here.


  • Flying kites

Kids enjoy doing this here. If you are traveling with your family, then Panadura Beach is one of the best places for your children to fly kites and have fun. You can buy a kite from the shops outside the beach, and during the month of August, people hold kite festivals on this beach, so if you could experience it with your family, that would be a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

Moreover, there is a separate kids play area on the beach as well.


  • Yoga

Yoga in the mornings is highly noticeable by tourists. With the sound of the sea waves and the cool breeze, along with the sunrise, there is no stopping the inner peace.


There are food stalls near the beach, so if you are a street food lover, don’t hesitate to taste them.

Travel Tips

  • Keep in mind not to litter the place. Take your trash with you. Don’t litter with polythene, especially as it will harm marine life.
  • Be cautious about the sea water level and bathing areas, because, at times, the sea can be too harsh, so it’s better to get some advice from the lifeguard there.
  • Avoid walking on the breakwater in the evenings or at night, as it could be dangerous due to the lack of lighting in the area and the fact that the rocks can be slippery.

There are lots of activities that you can do at Panadura Beach with your loved ones, so visit and get this authentic experience.



(Cover Image Credit: Sasitha Munasinghe )

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