Beautiful Narampanawa Village in Kandy District

Narampanawa, or somebody called “Naranpanawa,” is a very popular village in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. It is also considered a historical village in the Up Country. The place is widely popular due to its bathing locations. Many travelers who live near this village go to bathe here. The Hulu River flows through the village and has created those bathing spots for visitors.


Location of the Narampanawa

As I said earlier, it is located in the Central Province of the island. The distance from Narampanawa to Kandy is nearly 20 km, and to Colombo it is 135km. It takes 45 minutes to reach this village from Kandy.

There are two major routes to reach Naranpanawa village. The first and easiest way is via Menikhinna. The route number is 613. You need to pass through Katugasthota, Polgolla, and Madawala towns to reach Menikhinna. The buses are available every 20 minutes from Kandy to Menikhinna. Then you can find a vehicle to Narampanawa from the Menikhinna bus stand. This is the route that contains more public transport services.

The next route is via Digana and Oruthota. It is somewhat longer than the first route. But the road conditions are ideal for a small vehicle. But this route is filled with fewer public transport facilities. The elevation of the village is about 550m above sea level.

Narampanawa Village and Bathing Location

Narampanawa is an absolutely beautiful destination for travelers. The Hulu River and surrounding paddy fields will attract you. They are so colorful on sunny days. You can get some photographs to remember.

A bathing place is situated near the bridge. There is a small road along the Hulu River that you should use to reach the bathing locations. The majority of travelers take their baths in public places.But there are some hidden locations as well. Do not attempt to bathe in remote locations without the assistance of a guide.

Villagers are friendly and helpful in trouble. There are a few hotels around the village that you can connect with to stay here.

Sinhale Ella Waterfall

Naranpanawa is a three-way junction. From here, you can go to either Menikhinna, Oruthota, or Kukul Oya. But if you need to see Sinhale Ella Waterfall, you need to go to the Kukul Oya side. Driving around 4 km from Narampanawa will take you to this amazing waterfall. However, you need to walk around 1 km to get to the waterfall. A car park is available near the road to stop your vehicle.

Sinhale Ella is a small waterfall with a 10 m height. The pool is perfect for swimming. You can climb all the way to the top of the waterfall. Apart from that, you can stay around the waterfall and enjoy its beauty. But don’t try to destroy nature. Kukul Oya Ella is another waterfall near to this waterfall. You can also find it very easily by browsing Google Maps.


Other traveling destinations near Narampanawa include:


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