Meemure Village and Lakegala Mountain

Meemure Village is a traditional village that is located in the Knuckles Mountain Range of Sri Lanka. But it is an isolated village in the modern world. You can’t reach there easily. The place is widely famous among local travelers in the country. Therefore, many of them have given first priority to this village when they select travel destinations.

Location & Climate

– Location of the Meemure:

Meemure Village is situated on the border of the Kandy and Matale districts. But it belongs to the Udadumbara Divisional Secretariat of the Kandy district. The distance from Colombo is about 190 km, and from Kandy, it is nearly 75 km.

This hidden paradise is also located in the country’s Central Province. Kandy, Matale, and Nuwara Eliya are the three districts of Central Province. There are two major routes from Kandy to the location. The first and most popular route is via Hunnasgiriya. Then the next route is via Rangala and Thangappuwa villages.

We recommend taking the Hunnasgiriya Route. With good road conditions, it is the best choice. But the Thangappuwa route is ideal for those who visit the location with bikes or other off-road vehicles. Both routes will join together in Coberts Gap.

Cobert’s Gap is a beautiful junction where you can observe the Knuckles massif. It is considered one of the best viewpoints in the Knuckles Mountain Range. But this is the last point where you can see mobile signals on your mobile. Over there, don’t expect calls and internet signals until you get back to Cobert’s Gap again.

Driving 12 kilometers down a sloppy road will take you to the village of “Kaikawala.” This is another beautiful village before the Meemure. The “Heen Ganga” river flows through the Kaikawala Village, and it is a great place to go bathing. From here, you need to drive around 4 kilometers to reach the destination.


– Climate

Meemure Village and the surrounding hill country area are in the wet zone of the Sri Lankan Climate Map. It receives about 2000–2500 mm of rain per year. Anyhow, you will feel some heat because of the elevation of 324 m above sea level. November through February is considered the rainy season in this area. May – September period is mostly rainless, and it’s the ideal time to visit there.

More facts about Meemure Village

With 125 families, the total population is around 400. There is a big tree in the center of the village. The tree is called “Mee Gaha” by the locals. Most people believe that the Meemure received its name due to this old tree. They have only two shops in the whole village. They have a school near the above mentioned “Mee’ Tree, and its name is “Meemure Kanishta Vidyala.” Children stopped their education after the 11th grade. Then they join their families in agricultural activities.

You can see paddy cultivation, chena cultivation, ginger cultivation, and pepper cultivation fields during your trip. They are the major income sources for these rural villagers. Until 2004, they transported items using the packed-bulk method. It is a traditional and old method of transport in Sri Lanka that was used in the ancient past. But today they have a bus to the village from Udadumbara. Road conditions are good to reach any vehicle into the village.

Recently, they received electricity and ATM facilities. Until recently, they didn’t have a direct mail service to receive mail from the outside world. That will tell you how remote the village was. However, now they have all these facilities, and it’s not a rural village yet.

Lakegala Mountain

This is the symbol of the Meemure. It is a pyramid-shaped mountain that captivates everyone. The elevation is 1314 meters above sea level. This is also considered one of the 34 peaks in the Knuckles Massif. Locals believe Lakegala is directly connected to the Rama-Ravana tail in the “Ramayana. Hikers have encountered difficulties due to the pyramid shape and rocky surface. It’s hard to climb and extremely dangerous for a new hiker. This is also considered one of the toughest mountains to hike in Sri Lanka. But there are some hikers who have reached the summit.

History of the Meemure Village

Folklore and evidence say that Meemure is a village with an almost 5,000-year history. The Ramayana is an Indian epic that contains details about King Ravana and Rama. King Ravana has ruled Sri Lanka, and Lake Gala was one of his power sources.

King Dutugemunu was a great king in Sri Lankan history. He attacked the Anuradhapura Kingdom and defeated King Elara. After defeating “Elara, he helped empower the whole country. Before he attacked the Anuradhapura Kingdom, he had to stay for a short period of time in Mahiyangana. During that time, he had a servant called “Bulatha.” He lived in the “Udadumbara Kiripattiya” village. The main duty of the Bulatha was supplying beetles and other essential accouterments to King Dutugemunu. He supplied honey to the king, which was found in Meemure Village. At the same time, Bulatha made the Sorabora Wewa tank, and that was before 2000 years ago. It was yet another example of how the village combined history.

Meemure had a “potassium nitrate” source for the ancient kings who lived in the Kandyan Kingdom. They used those potassium nitrates to make gun powder to use against their enemies. That source was found in a cave near the village called “Wedilunu Guhawa.” You can visit there today during your trip.

The place was also a hiding location for a Kandyan king. The village and its surrounding mountain range have provided them with significant protection. During those times, there was no clear route to reach the village. One of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe’s daughters was banned and then fired from the Meemure. When the British Army captured Kandy in 1815, King Sri Wickrama Rajasighe planned to escape to the Meemure. But he was captured in the Medamahanuwara before he went there.

Camping, hiking, and adventure activities in Meemure

Meemure is a very famous place for camping and adventure activities. You can bathe in the “Mee Oya,” which is flowing through the village. There is a specially arranged place to do adventure and water activities. It is in the later part of the Mee Oya. Your guide will accompany you there in safety guard jackets. Two large pools are available to jump from a massive height. It is an awesome activity that you should not miss.

You can see numerous camping places throughout Meemure Village. Most places are available to book via the internet. Anyhow, you can book one of those by visiting there manually. Camping is another activity that you must focus on here. It’s an amazing experience for those who live in urban areas.

Hiking Lakegala is not a good activity that you should try. But you can plan a small hike and trail to see some waterfalls. Nawathna Ella Waterfall, Ravana Falls, and Diyakerella Ella Waterfall are some of the waterfalls that you can visit to see.

Films and music videos

Sooriya Arana was a famous Sri Lankan film that was filmed in Meemure Village. It was in 2004, and it was directed by Somarathna Dissanayaka. Jackson, Anthony, Sajitha Anthony, Jayalath Manorathna, Dasun Madushanka, Jayani Senanayaka, and Giriraj Kaushalya were the popular actors and actresses who contributed to this film. If you can watch this film, you can imagine the beauty of the village. ‘Giniyam Rae’ was a popular music video that was also filmed here. It was produced by Iraj Weerathna and had become popular recently.

Our trips to Meemure

We first went in there in 2019. Twelve friends joined the trip. That was happening in 2019 February month. It was a rainy day. We first came to Hunnagriya town from the Digana. Then we hired a truck to reach the destination. It was becoming a very fun trip. We all had a great time. Our camp was near the Mee Oya. We don’t forget to participate in the adventure and water activities. Rain was the only problem that we faced.

Our second visit was in April 2021. It was a sudden trip, and we visited there by car. Four family members joined together. It was a sunny day, and we couldn’t wait for a long time in Meemure Village. We departed early and bathed for a few hours on the Heen Ganga River.

Things to Consider Before You Visit the Meemure Village

  • Plan your travel over two days. Going there one day is extremely difficult.
  • Prepare for camping and other outdoor activities. You have lots more things to do.
  • Weekends are very busy, and weekdays are ideal.
  • The period from May to September is the best time to visit.
  • Now you can go there in any kind of vehicle. But it’s perfect if you can go there in a small car. The bike is the most suitable vehicle for the journey.
  • Always be polite to the villagers and ask for any kind of help from them.
  • Don’t try to climb Lakegala without an experienced guide.
  • Don’t expect mobile signals, electricity, or other facilities in the Meemure village.
  • Online bookings are available with tour packages. So, you can reserve them before you go.
  • Don’t let plastic and polythene pollute Meemure Village. Always bring back what you are taking.

(Meemure Image Credit: Pubudu Dilan)

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