Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall & Camping on Gerandigala Mountain

Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall is one of the most discussed travel destinations among local travelers in Sri Lanka. The amazing waterfall is located in Kalugala Village in Kandy District. This is not an actual single waterfall. It is a cluster of waterfalls. Cascades is made up of approximately seven waterfalls. The place is not only a destination for waterfall watching. It is a suitable place for camping, hiking, and trekking.

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Kalugala Gerandi Ella Location

The waterfall is located in the Kandy district. The nearest village is Kalugala, and the nearest town is Udadumbara. Travelers who start their journey in Kandy have to cross 60 kilometers to reach this place. They need to come first to the small town of Udadumbara. Then they must turn right into Kalugala Village. Those who come from the eastern part of Sri Lanka can come to Udadumbara via Mahiyangana. During their travel, they can also watch the Hasalaka Rathna Ella Waterfall.


More facts about Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall

The total height of all the waterfalls is 240–250 m. If the total height of a single waterfall is considered, it may be the second-tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The massive cluster of waterfalls can be observed from Kandy-Mahiyangana Road (A26). Rainy seasons give new life to Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall and surrounding places. They are more beautiful and stronger in the rainy seasons. You can go near all of these waterfalls without any risk.


Gerandigala Hike

The place is ideal for a hiker. You can go to the upper part of the Kalugala Gerandi Ella waterfall. The hike is moderately difficult. But you should be brave and finish the hike. Some parts are very narrow to cross at 60–80 degrees. But you will be very happy after you reach the top of Gerandigala Mountain. It contains a large, ground-like surface.


Gerandigala View

You can observe many mountains and areas from the top of the Gerandi Ella waterfall. Dumbanagala, Yahangala and Kehelpothdoruwa, Galpadihela, Namunukula, Kokagala, Koboneelagala, Dothalugala, Nawanagala, Aliakotagala, and Piduruthalagala are some popular peaks that you can observe from here. Further, you can observe areas like Udadumbara, Kalugala, Mahiyangana, Sorabora Wewa, Ulhitiya, Deanston Mini World’s End, and Kalugala Village.


Guide for Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall

If you are planning to do the Gerandi Ella Hike with a proper guide, then we recommend SL Traveler Guide Team. They are very friendly guys and will take you to the top of the mountain. They are one of the best guides for explore Knuckles Mountain Range. You can contact them easily with these mobile numbers:

072 6088091 (Dinuka Dananjaya)


Camping Kulugala Gerandi Ella

Most of the travelers who come from a distance will camp on the mountain. The large grounds are absolutely fantastic for camping. You can bring wood from the nearest forest. Water is available from the waterfall. But you should be careful around wild animals. The nights and mornings are cool and breezy.


Final Words

Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall is a great place for all kinds of travelers. But you need to get permission for camping. It is preferable if you can travel with a guide. Always respect the villagers and get some valuable help for them. Don’t destroy the village and the surrounding environment of the waterfall.


(Gerandi Ella Falls Cover Image Credit: TRAVEL S H O T )

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