Kabaragala Mountain Hike in Nawalapitiya

Kabaragala is the highest peak in the Dolosbage Mountain Range in Sri Lanka. This is located on the border between the districts of Kagalle and Kandy. The height of the peak is 1506 m above sea level. The place is superb for hikers and campers.

How do I reach Kabaragala?

There are two major routes to reach this mountain. one from Nawalapitiya and the other from the Gampola side. The distance from Colombo to Kabaragala is 11  km, and Kandy to Kabaragala is 40 km. The distance from Gampola is 24 km, and from Nawalapitiya, it is 20 km. If you are coming from Colombo, then you can come to Nawalapitiya via Avissawella and Ginigathhena. Someone can easily come to Gampola starting from the Kandy side.

Public transport is available at the starting point of the hike. You should take the Dolosbage bus from either bus stop. The bus will take one hour to carry you to that starting point.

On the Way to the Peak

The hike will start in Maryville Junction. You will first meet a Kovil, and there is a concrete road toward the mountain. Then you will enter a tea estate. Now your route will narrow, and you will go on a narrow footpath. But it is clear to identify. Next, you will enter a small forest with pine trees. One hour of trekking will take you to the first viewpoint. It is really amazing. You can see scenic pictures of the surroundings. More information about the surrounding beauty can be found in the video below.

The viewpoint is the spot where most people end their journey. But you should go further to reach the summit. The terrain surface is very much like the Horton Plains. Mana trees and Savana-type plants can be observed. The huge drop toward the bottom is also similar to the end of the world.

Almost two hours of hiking will take you to the summit of the Kabaragala Mountains. The view from the summit is absolutely amazing. You will surely be amazed!

What you can observe in the Kabaragala

You can observe Kothmale Reservior, Peacock Hills, Kothmale Area, Dolosbage Area, Pusellawa, Ambuluwawa, and Sri Pada Mountain. As well, you can view many unknown mountains and villages. This scenic picture is superb for a photographer. The morning is the best time to observe the surroundings. Most of the time, the mist will cover the whole area. The clouds beneath the mountains are another well-known Kabaragala sight. If you are lucky, you can surely experience this beautiful picture.

Kabaragala Camping

Kabaragala is also a fantastic spot for camping. Many local tourists visit the area in search of adventure. There is enough space for camping on the top of the mountain. Woods can be found all around. The area is very busy during the holidays. Many locals come to camp here. The night is cool and breezy. You can observe the lights of the surrounding places at night. That also looks very scenic.

Guide Service

If you are seeking a guide for this trip, then we recommend Zen Adventures. They are a very experienced team for local hiking and tours in central Sri Lanka. Call 071 085 7333 (Kalana) for more details.


The area receives around 3000 mm of annual rainfall throughout the year. From May to September, consider it the rainy season. The south-west monsoon brings a lot of rainfall to the area. Kabaragala from January to April has less rainfall and is considered the best time to visit the location.

The average annual temperature is around 18 °C at the top of the hills. The nights are very cold and foggy. December and January are the coldest months in the area. So, you should be concerned about the weather before you go hiking or camping.

Things to Consider Before the Hike

  • Kabaragala is a busy place during the holidays. So start your hike, considering this fact.
  • People have destroyed the location with rubbish, polythene, and plastic. So, don’t pollute the place, and please bring back everything you are carrying.
  • Rainy days are rich with leeches. So, please bring leach protection during the rainy season.
  • Mobile signals are available on the hills.
  • The large rocks on the edges are superb for photography. But you should be careful when taking selfies there.
  • Be deeply concerned when you are lighting a fire in the dry season.
  • The hike is not hard, and anyone can climb to the top of the hills.
  • There is no water source in the Kabaragala Mountain Range. So, please carry enough water.

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