Hunas Falls Waterfall in Hunnasgiriya Mountain

Hunas Falls Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls locate near Matale in Sri Lanka. Which can further describe as an ideal place to visit in Matale Area. This is another waterfall that is located in Knuckles Mountain Range. Locals called this as ‘Hunas Ella’ due to be in the famous Hunnasgiriya Mountain.

Hunnasgiriya is a major peak which is located in the western part of the Knuckles Mountain Range. The height of the peak is more than 1500m. It is much closer to Elkaduwa town in Matale District.


How to Reach ?

Before reaching the Hunas Falls Waterfall, any traveler should first come to the Kandy City or Matale City. If you travel via Matale, then you can reach the place via Elkaduwa. Distance from Matale through Elkaduwa is about 21 km. But the distance from Kandy is about 25 km. If you start the journey from Kandy, then you can reach the place via Wattegama. It’s easy to find the destination due to Google Map. The area of Elkaduwa is a popular place for the Spices. There you can see lots of spice gardens during the journey. Road condition is slightly good and consists with some bends.


Beauty of the Hunas Falls Waterfall

The notification boards in the route will state that you have arrived the destination. Parking facilities are available for those who visit there by own Vehicles. You should pay 100 rupees to take a ticket in the Entrance. Then you have to walk around 300m to reach near the Hunas Falls Waterfall. The traveler should concern during the little walk because of the Leaches. . It’s better if you can bring leach protection methods in the rainy days. Once to start the walk from the entrance, you will see a distant picture of a waterfall. It’s really awesome and Nice.

A little walk will carry you near to the fall. The place is consists of a small a bridge, and it’s an ideal place to view the actual beauty of the hunas falls. It’s not a dangerous place to anyone. Therefore, you can take different kind of photographs for different angles. Morning or an evening is the ideal periods to visit there and to take photos. But it’s not easy to reach near the waterfall during rainy days.


Other Facts about Hunas Falls Waterfall

Hunas Falls is not a natural waterfall. It’s an artificial waterfall made by the Elkaduwa plantation. The height of the falls is around 48 m. It is considered as one of the widest waterfall in the country. There are some summer huts and other facilities available in the bottom part of the falls. The park is ideal for taking a rest by seeing the beauty of Hunas Falls. In the upper part of the waterfall has a big lake. The lake is controlled by the Amaya Hunas Falls Hotel. It’s a nice looking hotel to stay around there.

After the end of this journey, You can also visit to the summit of Hunnasgiriya Mountain. It’s a great view point to see most parts in Matale and Kandy Districts. But you have to take permission from the Entrance to visit there. Sembuwaththa is another beautiful place near this place. You can also visit there, if you are seeking the best places to visit in Matale area.

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