Huluganga Ella Waterfall in Knuckles Mountain Range

Huluganga Ella is one of the waterfalls located in the Knuckles Mountain Range. It’s so much more beautiful than other waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This is also a recently famous travel destination due to social media. It’s not difficult to reach this place because the waterfall is located in a small town.


Location of the Waterfall

Huluganga Ella is 30 kilometers from Kandy. There are fewer routes to reach this waterfall. But the most popular and recommended route is via Wattegama and Panwila. There are so many buses available to reach Wattegama town. Kandy and Wattegama are about 13 kilometers apart. After reaching Wattegama, you have to select the Bambarella bus from the stand. You should purchase a ticket to Huluganga Town, which is 18 kilometers from Wattegama. When you reach Hulu Ganga town, you will pass beautiful tea estates and mountains. There are also only a few roads connecting Hulugaga to Rangala and Digana. But it’s ideal if you can ignore those roads due to their lack of infrastructure facilities.

It’s not difficult to find this waterfall because that’s where the town itself is. You can watch this waterfall from the bridge in the town. But you must visit the bottom part of the fall to see its actual beauty.


Other Facts About the Huluganga Ella

The height of the waterfall is about 68 meters. It carries a lot of water because the entire Hulu Gaga spans this waterfall. As a result, it is too wide to effectively spray water drops over a long distance. You can reach near to the fall. But you have to buy a ticket for a small fee. There are two viewpoints near the fall to enjoy its attractiveness.

However, travelers can get too close to the waterfall. But rainy days pose a danger. You can feel a cold breeze near it. There are few places to take nice photos and selfies. One of the most crucial things to remember is that you should not attempt to bathe here. It’s dangerous and not ideal for any kind of water activity.

Huluganga Ella is made by Hulu River. In the Oruthota, this river joins the Mahaweli River. There are numerous batching locations along the Hulu River near Naranpanawa and Oruthota. The Hulu River is one of the Mahaweli River’s major branches.


Places to Visit Around Huluganga Ella 

There is another beautiful waterfall near this one called “Thaliya Watuna Ella.” It is located on the Alakolawatta Tea Estate. The distance between Huluganga Ella and Thaliya Watunu Ella is about 5 km. If you visit the Bambarella area again, you can see three more waterfalls in the Knuckles Mountain Range. Gombaniya is another fabulous place for hiking or trekking in this area.


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