Gombaniya Mountain Hike in the Knuckles Massif

Gombaniya Mountain is the highest peak among the 34 other peaks in the Knuckles Massif. The elevation of the summit is 1906 m above sea level. It is situated on the western side of the Knuckles Range and belongs to the Kandy District. This is an ideal place for those who love trekking, hiking, nature, and photography.


Gombaniya Location 

If anyone wants to visit Gombaniya, he or she must first come to Kandy or Matale. Then they need to come to Wattegama town. Now they should follow the Bambarella route to Hulganga, a small town, via Panvila. Public transport is available to the Huluganga from Wattegama. The distance between Huluganaga and Kandy is 31 kilometers.

Huluganga Ella is a beautiful waterfall that is situated in Huluganga Town. You can experience the beauty of this waterfall before you go to Gombaniya. Then you should follow the route to Alakola Estate from Huluganga Town. But the route conditions are poor in most parts. You should finish the journey after you drop out in the upper division of the Alakola Estate called “Rathnathenna.” Thaliya Watuna Ella is another magnificent waterfall in the Alakola Estate. There is public transportation from Huluganga town to Rathnathenna.


Hike to the Gombaniya Mountain

You should get permission from the Rathnathenna division for the Gomabaniya Hike. Then the trek will start. The initial part of the trek is through the tea estate. Locals will guide you in selecting the correct footpath. Then the footpath goes through the mangroves. The later part is moderately difficult because of the bamboo trees. But it’s not much more difficult for experienced hikers.

During your trek, you will pass a few open areas and viewpoints. The locations are ideal for taking a seat and waiting for a few minutes. There are a few sloppy and rough areas to cross. But there is a clear path until you reach the summit. As a result, anyone can reach the summit of Gombaniya Mountain. The entire hike will take 2–3 hours to complete.


What can you observe from the top?

Gombaniya is a 360-degree viewpoint. You can observe most parts of the Knuckles Mountain range and surrounding areas. The view is amazing and fantastic for a photographer.

Huluganga, Panvila, Kalebokka, Riverston, Bambarella, Manigala, Kuda Oya, Walpolamulla, and Mahiyangana are some of the places that you can identify from the top. Yakunge Hela, the Five Peaks of Knuckles, Kirigalpoththa, Manigala, Riverston, and Hunnasgiriya are some of the prominent peaks that you can see from here.

Most of the plants are highly adapted to the high wind and fog. So, they are not very tall. There is a nice open area with enough space. It is suitable for camping at the top of Gombaniya.


Guide Support

If you need a guide for this journey, then you can plan it with Zen Adventures. We highly recommend them, and you can connect with them using the numbers below.

071-885 7333 (Kalana)



November through February is the rainy season for the entire Knuckles Mountain Range. The May–September period is the dry season. but there is a high wind speed. March, April, September, and October are the perfect time periods for the Gombaniya Hike. The annual average rainfall is 2000–2500 mm, and the annual average temperature is 16 °C–20 °C.

Anyhow, there is a sudden change in the climate at the top of the mountain. Don’t wonder about the sudden mist and quick rain. Most of the time, you can’t clearly see the summit.


Things to Think About before hike Gombaniya

  • There is no water source during the Gombaniya Mountain hike. So, bring at least 2 liters of water for a single person.
  • Please bring leech protection in the rainy seasons.
  • You can also camp at the Rathanthenna division. There are summer huts and other facilities available for campers.
  • Start your journey early in the morning.
  • Private vehicles are perfect for the trip.
  • Don’t disturb the wildlife.
  • It’s better if you can get permission from the Forest Department before the trip.

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