Dunhinda Falls Waterfall in Badulla District

Dunhinda Falls, also called “Dunhinda Ella,” is a very famous waterfall located in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka. It is also considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. It received the name “Dunhinda” due to its spreading water drops. The height of the waterfall is 63 m (210 ft). It is formed by the “Badulu Oya” river.


Location of Dunhinda Falls

The destination is 6 kilometers away from Badulla town. The distance from Colombo is 243 km, and the distance from Kandy is 110 km. public transport is available from Badulla. In any case, you can drive yourself to Dunhinda Falls. There is a nice parking lot before the entrance.

You should buy a ticket at the entrance. You must now walk approximately 1 km to reach the waterfall. During your trek, you will meet numerous vendors and shops. You can rest in some of those shops to get some refreshments. Walking a few meters from the entrance, you will see another small little waterfall called “Kuda Dunhinda’.”

You need to be careful around the monkeys on your trek. The narrow footpath is lined with bridges, stones, and downward slopes. You will feel tired. But all the difficulties will disappear after you reach the waterfall.


Other Facts About the Waterfall

There is a huge stage in front of the Dunhinda Falls. It contains a nice wall and sitting area to enjoy the beauty. It’s a great place to get some memorable photographs.

You can drop from the stage and go near the pool of the waterfall. But this is a dangerous activity on rainy days. During the dry periods, you can go near the pool and get some zoomed images of the waterfall. Some people try to cross the Badulu Oya and reach the other side of the Badulu Oya. It’s another activity that you should not try to do.

You cannot bathe near the Dunhinda Ella. But you can bathe in the later parts of the flowing “Badulu Oya.” The ideal time period to visit is from May through August.


Our Experience at Dunhinda Falls

We first went there in August of 2013.It was a family trip, and a group of 10 people joined together. We were only able to reach the stage and enjoy the waterfall by getting some beautiful photos. Our second experience occurred in November of 2016.Four of our friends joined us for the trip. It was a sudden visit during travel to the Badulla from Kandy.

We saw some people destroying the entire path by throwing trash and polythene. We apologize to all visitors for asking them not to litter the waterfall and its surroundings with plastic and polythene.


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