Dothalugala Nature Trail, Camping Site & Dothalu Ella

Introduction to Dothalugala 

Dothalugala is one of the 34 mountains in the Knuckles Massif. It is situated in the southern region of the Knuckles Mountain Range. The mountain is famous for its rich bio-diversity. Dothalugala is an ideal place for trekking, camping and hiking. But the place is not widely popular among local and foreign travelers.

In an earlier post, we have discussed about Deanston Mini Worl’s End. Dothalugala is situated very near to the Mini World’s end and both places are controlled by Knuckles Conservation Centre in Deanston.



Dothalugala is located in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. The nearest town to the place is Hunnasgiriya. You can catch this place once you travel Meemure via Hunnasgiriya. Distance to here from Colombo is 160km. If you start from Kandy, you first need to come to Hunnasgiriya town. Then you need to turn your vehicle into Meemure road and travel 7km to reach the destination. Getting permission is a requirement to enter the Dothalugala nature trial. You can buy a single ticket to both Deanston Mini Worl’s End and Dothalugala Nature Trail. Parking facilities available near the Deanston Conservation Center. From here, you need to walk towards Camping site and Dothalu Ella.


Dothalugala Camping Site:

After one kilometer of walking, you will first meet the Dothalugala Camping Site. It’s an amazing place for Camping. The surround is absolutely beautiful and you can see some prominent peaks of Knuckles massif. But you need to get permission from the headquarters of the Forest Department for Camping Here. You cannot get permission from Deanston Office directly. There have two houses available for those who don’t like to camp outside. The opened camping site is few kilometers away from these two houses.

Concrete floor and metal structure help campers to do camping easily in the opened area. They need one tent to cover the structure. But wind is very heavy in the southern part of the Knuckles mountain range.


Dothalu Ella:

This is a small little waterfall situated near the opened camping site. It’s actually a water source for campers. The little pool is ideal for bathing and it’s not much deeper. The place is also ideal for get some photographs. Water is always cool and finished-off your tired.


Dothalugala Nature Trail :

The nature trail starts from the entrance gate. The footpath is much wider in the beginning. During your trek, you can see the beautiful Knuckles massif. You can watch some popular peaks like Dumbanagala, Gerandigala, Yahangala, Kehelpathdoruwa, Koboneelagala, Spinix 2, Lakegala, Knuckles Five Peaks, Alugal Kanda and Aliya watunu ela Kanda.

The trek is long about 4km to the last view Point of Dothalugala Mountain. You will meet three way junction once you walk about 1km from the entrance. The downward route goes to Dothalu Ella and Dothalugala opened camping site. But other two routes go to top of the Dothalugala Mountain. Those two routes meet together in the Last view point. You can select any route according to your wish.

During your hike, you will meet small streams, plants, animals and large stones. The later part of the trek is much tired. However, you will forget all the hardworks after you reach to the summit. You can observe places towards Mahiyangana-sorabora and Victoria Reservior. The elevation of the summit is 1407m.


Final Words

The ideal time for the dothalugala nature trail is February – September period. Rainy seasons are active periods for leaches. It’s better if you can bring leach protections during your trek. You must remember that Dothalugala is a rich place for Biodiversity. Harming animal or damaging plants are prohibited works for travelers. Don’t forget to bring a camera and enough water for your dothalugala nature trial.


(Background Image Credit: Younus Yousuf from facebook)


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