Devon Falls Waterfall in Dimbula

Devon Falls is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular waterfalls. It is located in the Dimbula area of Nuwara Eliya Districts. Once you search google for term ‘Sri Lanka’, the results will definitely show this amazing waterfall in front place in the resulting images. It is an icon that shows the beauty of the Sri Lanka. However, you should mind that ‘Sri Lanka is a Rich Country in Waterfalls’.



Devon Falls is situated in near the Hatton – Nuwara Eliya main road. Distance to the waterfall from the Nuwara Eliya is about 30Km. Height of the fall is 97m. It is considered as the 19th tallest waterfall in the country. The altitude of the area is 1140m from the sea level. It is formed by a branch river on ‘Kotmale Oya’. Kotmale Oya then joins to Mahaweli River in the Kotmale area.

There is a nice view point to watch the waterfall on the Hatton – Nuwara Eliya road. You can sit there and observe the waterfall very clearly. The place is also nice to take some photographs. Mlesta Tea Castle is near the viewpoint. So, you can go there and taste a cup of tea. The view point is comprised with enough spaces to park your vehicles.


More Facts About Devon Falls

The waterfall received this name due to one a a tea planter in British Colonial era. The name of the planter was ‘Devon’. He managed the surrounded tea estates near this waterfall. Laterally, the waterfall popular with this name. Today itself, you can see beautiful tea estates around the Devon Falls.

It’s not easy to reach near the waterfall. Anyhow, you can come to the top of the Devon Falls. But it’s extremely difficult to reach to the bottom of the waterfall. Some deaths have recorded around this waterfall. So, this is not the ideal place for the bath. Don’t try to reach near the waterfall also. In the rainy days, you cannot see the actual form of the Devon falls due to huge amount of water.


Our Visits

As the writer, I have visited few occasions to the Devon view point. I always stopped at the place and stay few minutes by watching the waterfall. I have found a few sellers near the viewpoint. They were selling essential items to travelers.


Final Words

There is another beautiful waterfall near this called ‘St. Clair Waterfall’. It is another famous waterfall on the island that locate few kilometers away from here. So, I suggest you to watch Devon Falls, if you drive through Hatton – Nuwara Eliya road.


(Featured Image Credit: Chathuranga Janith Bandara Herath)



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