Deanston Mini World End in Knuckles Mountain Range

Deanston Mini Worlds End is considered as one of the 04 major mini worlds ends in Sri Lanka. World End in Horton Plains considers as the largest and the deepest slope in the country. Aside from that, other deep slope in few places consider as Mini World Ends. Madolsima Mini World End and Pitawala Pathana Mini World Ends are other two major places that highly popular. Another recently popular place has been Hathale Mini World End in Panwila.


Introduction to Deanston Mini Worlds End

The talking Deanston Mini World’s Ends is situated in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. It also locates in Knuckles Valley. Knuckles is a major mountain range that spread most areas in Matale and Kandy Districts of the Island. Our destination is in the southern portion of that mountain range. Distance between Deanston and Kandy is almost 50 km. Visitor should first arrive to the Hunnasgiriya small town on A26 Road. Then he should choose Meemure road that starts from Petrol shed in Hunnasgiriya Town. That road is somewhat poor and bit of small one. Distance to Deanston from Hunnasiriya is 8 km. If you plan to reach this place via public transport, then you should choose Loolwaththa bus that departs 8 a.m. every day from Hunnasgiriya. Other than that traveler can get this place by Three Wheel.


On the way to Deanston Mini Worlds End

The route to Deanston is absolutely beautiful. You will overtake some Knuckles peaks and Tea estates. Its a Less popular area with most forests. You should stop and fell near the Forest Conservation Center in Deanston. The trail to Mini World End starts from here. You should buy a ticket before start the journey. Now, you should achieve the destination by foot. There are toilets, water taps and other facilities are on hand near the forest conservation center. In the beginning, you will cross a small bridge and enter to a park with a small lake. The surrounding area is gracious to stay and savor the natural beauty. From here, traveler will enter to a footpath across the forest.

The forest comprises mostly with pine trees. Sometimes you will see birds and other wild animals during the trail. There are some places to sit and take a rest. These places are perfect to take some memorable photographs. The trail distance is about 1.2km to the Deanston Mini World End from Forest Conservation Center. It’s a bit of tired and you will feel enjoy once you reach the Location.



There are two main viewpoints in the Deanston Mini World End. The distance between those viewpoints are about 200 m. Each viewpoint will bring you different views in the Knuckles valley. However, the picture beyond the world end is amazing and wonderful. You can see two beautiful waterfalls and will attract you to them first. Garandi Ella is the biggest waterfall that you can realize the same elevation with the Deanston. It’s not only a single waterfall that is a combination of little waterfalls. The combination comprises about 7 falls and total height of all is about 250 meters. The next waterfall called as ‘Telephone Ella’ by the locals. Which will appear once you see the deep in the Mini World End.

Deanston Mini World can describe as a great viewpoint to see some major peaks in Knuckles massif. The visible biggest peak is Five peaks of Knuckles. The elevation at the highest point is about 1862 meters. Alugal Kanda is the next biggest peak that will appear in the left direction next to the Five Peaks of Knuckles. Dumbanagala is another peak with the elevation over 1600m. Yahangala and Kehelpothdoruwa are other visible two giants in the Knuckles massif. Nawanagala, Dothalugala, koboneelgala, Spinix 2, Aliya watunu Ela Kanda, Aliyakotagala and Galpadihela are the other peaks that can be well identified from here.

From the distance you can see Narangala, Piduruthalagala, Kokagala, Mahakuda Gala, Madolsima Peaks and Namunukula Mountains. The Udadumbara town, Kalugala Geradi Ella Waterfall and A26 Road can also visible from here. Other than that Sorabora Wewa, Ulhitiya Lake and Other Tanks in Mahiyangana area will appear from the distance.


Other Facts

February – May and July –October are the two Perfect periods to visit the Deanston Mini Worlds End. Pleasant climate due to Elevation of 1192m. Massive breeze is an actual problem for a visitor that is available in most months in the year. Dothalugala is an ideal camping site neat this place. It’s an amazing place to stay for a night. If you can visit there in the evening, you will watch amazing picture of sunset. Elevation of the Dothalugala Camping site is about 1500m.

Deanston Mini Worlds End has sudden changing weather. Small breeze can bring unexpected mist and rain. Therefore, you should visit there by remembering those facts. It’s better if you can bring leach protections in the rainy seasons.

Don’t forget to enjoy the nature and beauty of this spot. But you are not allowed to harm any wild animal and or a plant.

(Cover Image Credit: Poojani Bhagya)


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