Cobert’s Gap View Point in Knuckles Mountain Range

Coberts Gap is an attractive and famous view point in Knuckles Mountain Range. Local people in Sri Lanka called this place as ‘Attalawettuwa’. You can catch this place once you travel to Meemure traditional village. The place received this name to honor a British surveyor ‘Cobert’. He mapped the surrounded mountain area in the late 19th century.


How to reach?

Coberts Gap is located in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. It belongs to Udadumbara Divisional Secretariat Area. There are two routes available to come this place.

The first route is via Hunnasgiriya town. Distance between Cobert’s Gap and Kandy via Hunnasgiriya is about 60km. Route condition is good for any vehicle. Second route is via Rangala and Thangappuwa. But the distance will reduce into 47km from this route. However, the route condition is poor after you passed Thangappuwa village. Those two routes are very attractive and beautiful.

Cobers Gap is a three way junction. Both Hunnasgiriya and Thangappuwa routes join together and other route will take you into Meemure Village. Elevation of the Coberts Gap is about 1250m from sea level.


What you can observe in the Coberts Gap ?

The place is the highest elevation point before the Meemure Village. Therefore, you can observe some prominent peaks in Knuckles Massif. Those peaks are;

  • Dumbanagala
  • Meemure Lakegala
  • Wamarapugala
  • Spinix 2 (Kinihiragala 2)
  • Spinix 1 (Kinihiragala 1)
  • Knuckles Five Peaks
  • Alugal Kanda
  • Kalupahana 2
  • Aliyawatunu Ela
  • Kobonelagala
  • Dothalugala


Other traveling destinations

From here, you can reach to some unknown and known traveling destinations in Knuckles Mountain Range.


Final Words

Coberts Gap is a nice place to stay a few minutes and enjoy the nature. You can catch some beautiful photos of Knuckles Mountain Range. The blowing wind is always very heavy. This is the last place that you receive mobile signals before Meemure Village. The road between Thangappuwa and Cobert’s Gap is ideal for people who love trekking.


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