Gombaniya Mountain Hike in the Knuckles Massif

Gombaniya Mountain is the highest peak among the 34 other peaks in the Knuckles Massif. The elevation of the summit is 1906 m above sea level. It is situated on the western side of the Knuckles Range and belongs to the Kandy District. This is an ideal place for those who love trekking, hiking, nature, […]

Pettigala Mountain Hike and Bambaragala Raja Maha Viharaya

Pettigala has been a widely popular place in recent years. We saw that many travel lovers had visited this place and shared some amazing photos on their social media channels. It’s not only a travel destination; it’s also important as a religious and historical place. This little mountain is situated in the Kandy district of […]

Ambuluwawa Tower and Bio Diversity Complex in Gampola

Ambuluwawa Tower is another of the most discussed travel destinations among local travelers in Sri Lanka. The place is situated in Gampola City, in the Kandy District. Hiking to the tower is a fabulous adventure experience for anyone. But Ambuluwawa is not only an adventure park; it’s also a biodiversity complex and a trigonometric station. […]

Dawson Tower: A Must-See in Kadugannawa

Dawson Tower, or Captain Dawson Tower, is an ancient concrete structure that is situated in Kadugannawa. The white-colored structure was built in 1832 by Britain. It was constructed to remember Captain William Francis Dawson and his excellence. The height of the tower is 13.5 m. Location of the Dawson Tower Dawson Tower is situated in […]

Alagalla Mountain Hike is a Nice Experience to Get

Alagalla Mountain Range is located at the boundary between the Central Province and the Sabaragamuwa Province. The mountain range is a popular hiking destination among local travelers. A huge number of hikers cross this mountain on Independence Day in Sri Lanka. This can be observed during the Kandy-Colombo railway journey. The elevation of the highest […]

Kankesanthurai Beach (KKS Beach) in Northern Sri Lanka

Kankesanthurai Beach, also known as KKS Beach, is a beautiful coastal area in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna District. belongs to the Northern Province, close to the small town of Kankesanthurai. KKS Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the northern part of the island. Most of the beaches are located in the southern and […]

Hanthana Mountain Range in Kandy District

Hanthana Mountain Range is a popular travel destination among young travelers in Sri Lanka. Most universities and institutes choose this place for their batch trips. You can see this mountain range once you visit Kandy. It gives uniqueness and protection to the entire city. Peradeniya University is situated very close to this mountain range. So, […]

Beautiful Narampanawa Village in Kandy District

Narampanawa, or somebody called “Naranpanawa,” is a very popular village in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. It is also considered a historical village in the Up Country. The location is well-known for its bathing opportunities. Many travelers who live near this village go to bathe here. The Hulu River flows through the village and […]

Meemure Village – A Hidden Paradise in the Knuckles Mountain Range

Meemure Village is a traditional village that is located in the Knuckles Mountain Range of Sri Lanka. But it is an isolated village in the modern world. You can’t reach there easily. The place is widely famous among local travelers in the country. Therefore, many of them have given first priority to this village when […]

Polhena Beach is a Nice Place to Visit in Matara

Polhena Beach is another beautiful beach situated in southern Sri Lanka. This is not very popular among foreign tourists. But it is a popular travel destination among locals. Sri Lanka is a rich country with so many beautiful beaches around the country. But the most popular beaches are located in the southern part of the […]