Arugam Bay Beach is the Surfing Paradise in Sri Lanka

Introduction to Arugam Bay Beach

Sri Lanka is an island of the Indian Ocean. It’s a paradise, with so many mountains, forests, wild animals and beaches. Arugam Bay beach is one of the tourists attract destination in the country. The beach is so famous among local & international tourists because of its suitability for surfing. The place also will come to your mind when you think about the best beaches in Sri Lanka.



Arugam Bay beach is located in the eastern part of the country. Which belong to Ampara district of the eastern province. Distance from Colombo is about 320km and from Ella is about 134km. First, you need to come to the Pothuvil small town. From there, you can come to place very easily. The majority of the people in the area are Muslims. But you can see Sinhala and Tamil people in the southern parts of the bay. Fishing is the major living activity of the most people.



The place is located in the dry zone of the Sri Lanka. Annual rainfall of the area is about 1250mm – 2000mm. Period from November to February is considered as the rainy season of the eastern province. The average temperature is around 27C. Where you can experience most hot and sunny days without no rain.


Facts about Arugam Bay Beach

The beach is long more than 1km. So you have enough space to enjoy. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and shops around the beach and where you can go them to fulfill your needs and wants. Two ATM machines also available before the beach.

This is a very busy beach during the June – September period. A lot of foreigners and locals come to here in the season. Evening is the ideal and the best time to reach here. Less sunshine will generate colorful pictures for a photographer.

The nights are also busy with tourist. You can see many of them enjoy singing and eating around a bonfire. But you need to care of the thieves around here.

Elephant Rock is a place that is located at the ending point of the beach. It’s another beautiful place where you should go. It’s a somewhat rocky area without no clear road to reach.



Arugam Bay Beach is widely famous for the surfing activities. It’s only the place in Sri Lanka, where held international surfing competitions. There are so many places to buy or rent surf boards. Apart from that, there are a number of schools for those who love to learn surfing. Beginners can learn the lessons and experience them with experts. You are no need to fear in the surfing because of that number of life guards will be watching around you.

There are some special places in here according to the according to the different activities in surfing: Baby Point, Peanut Farm Beach, Whiskey point and Elephant Point. Surfing season start in the June and end up in the September.


Other Places to travel around Arugam Bay

  • Muhudu Maha Viharaya Temple
  • Magul Maha Viharaya Temple
  • Kumana National Park
  • Boat Safari in Pothuvil Bay
  • Elephant Rock Hike




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