Hanthana Mountain Range is a popular travel destination among young travelers in Sri Lanka. Most universities and institutes choose this place for their batch trips. You can see this mountain range once you visit Kandy. It gives uniqueness and protection to the entire city.

Peradeniya University is situated very close to this mountain range. So, the name “Hantana’ has become a popular word in a few songs in Sri Lankan music. Hanthana Mountain Range was declared an environmental protection area under the Environmental Act in 2010. Furthermore, it has seven peaks. Among them, the highest elevation point is called “Ura Kanda” or “Ura Gala” and has an elevation of 1240 m.


Hanthana Mountain Range Location & Climate


The Hanthana Mountain Range belongs to the Kandy District of the Central Province. You can observe the entire range once you travel from Peradeniya to Delthota. Located in the south-west, it’s not far from Kandy City. There are four major routes to reach it:

Among those four, the Hanthana-Uduwela route is the easiest one. It’s ideal to choose the next three routes if you love long treks and hiking. Covering all seven peaks in a day is not an easy taskasiest one. It’s ideal to choose the next three routes if you love long treks and hiking. Covering all seven peaks in a day is not an easy task. Beginning from the first peak, you have to trek a long distance to reach the last mountain of “Uragala’.”



Hanthana Mountain Range and its surrounding area receive an average annual rainfall of 2500 mm. Normally, the May–September period is considered the rainy season for the entire Kandy area. Anyhow, rain can happen at any time of the year. On rainy days, you cannot see Hanthana clearly because the mist covers the entire range.

The temperature is somewhat cooler on the top of the hills. The average annual temperature is about 21C. On top, there is also a strong gust of wind.


Katusu Konda

Katusu Konda, or someone called “Knife-edge,”  is a special traveling attraction in the Hanthana Mountain Range. It is a rocky surface that looks like the “back of the lizard.” That’s why it’s called “Katusu Konda.” It has a narrow footpath on the edge of a large rock. Walking along it is a risky activity.It is more suitable for those who love adventure activities. Normally, you can experience a huge wind blowing through this place.


Other Facts About the Hanthana Mountain Range


Hanthana Guide

Are you planning on taking a guide on your next Hanthana trip? If so, the Zen Adventures team is waiting to guide you. You can contact them with the mobile number below:

071 0857333 – Kalana


Our Trip to the Hanthana Mountain Range

We arranged a hike to Hanthana in 2019 with the four members of the team. Our route started from Uduwela. There was a tea estate and a tea center near the starting point of our journey. It took an hour to reach the first peak. We first saw radio towers. But we never stopped there and followed the footpath until we came to a place with a beautiful view. We stayed a few hours in the middle of the mountain range. But we missed the Katusu Konda during that trip due to lack of time. However, it was a very enjoyable trip with a little bit of fatigue.


Things to Consider Before You Go


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